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How to Say "This Afternoon" in Australian Slang

Learn how to say "this afternoon" in Australian slang with this Howcast video.


How to say "this afternoon" in Australian. This arvo. This afternoon. This arvo. This afternoon. Now you try.

For example, you might say "Seeya this arvo, Damo." This literally means "I'll see you this afternoon, Damian." You might want to invite Damian over for afternoon tea. In that case, you'd say "Arvo tea." Afternoon tea. Arvo tea. Afternoon tea. Now you try.

For afternoon tea, you might want a cookie. In Australian, a cookie is called a biscuit. Cookie. Biscuit. Cookie. Now you try. Biscuit shortened is "bikkie." Cookie. Bikkie. Cookie. Now you try. You might say, "I'd love a bikkie and a cuppa tea."

That's how you say "this afternoon" in Australian.

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