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How to Say "I'm a Stereotypical Aussie" in Australian Slang

Learn how to say "I'm a stereotypical Aussie" in Australian slang with this Howcast video.


How to say I'm a Stereotypical Aussie.

Yobbo, stereotypical Aussie. Yobbo, stereotypical Aussie. Now you try.

You could say "I'm a Yobbo or he's a yobbo." You could also say "I'm a yobbo, me best mates name is Tommo, I'm a bloke and I toke on my Winnie Blue ciggies and I wear a flanny. I drink beer with me mates and I watch the footy and I sit on crates. Me missus name's Sheila and she'll appeal to ya. Let's go down to the R'y n play the pokies, win the meat raffle n have it for dinner n you're a bloody winner!"

Another term for stereotypical Aussie is Bogan. Bogan. Now you try.

You might say "I'm a Bogan and me name's Logan. I have a mullet and I skull timmies like a fish. Don't hold it against me I come from the land of plenty."

And that's how you say I'm a Stereotypical Aussie.

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