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What Is Photo Stream?

Learn about photo stream in this Mac tutorial from Howcast.


Hi. Lisa here, and I'm going to talk about Photo Stream on your iPhone. So what Photo Stream is, is it stores 30 days of your most recent pictures into the iCloud. It also has a limit of 1,000 pictures. The way you can access it is by tapping on "photos", and then underneath "camera roll" you'll see "My Photo Stream".

If you go in there you're going to see the last 30 days of your pictures. Now you can view them just like normal, you can look through them. You can share them with your friends by tapping on the little box with the arrow in the bottom left hand corner, and then choosing "air drop", choosing to message them. You can send them by email. You can also choose to make one of them your background. You have all kinds of options in there. So once again, the way that you get there is you go to your photos, and then right underneath "camera roll" you have your Photo Stream. And that's Photo Stream on the iPhone.

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