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How to Sync Your iPhone through iCloud

Learn how to sync your iPhone through iCloud in this Mac tutorial from Howcast.


Hi, Lisa here and I'm going to show you how to sync your iPhone with iCloud. So first thing you are going to do is go to settings, and then you're going to scroll down to iCloud. Now if you don't already have an account set up once you tap on that it's going to ask you to log in with iCloud email and password, once you have done that you're going to see a screen like this. At the top it will show your iCloud account and then underneath that it will show you all of things that you are syncing.

You have the option to sync your mail account, your contacts, your calendars, your reminders, your bookmarks in safari, your notes, your pass book information, you can have your iPod key chain turned on, you can have some options about photos in photo stream, you can sync your documents and data and you can also turn on and off by my iPhone from this screen. You can turn off any of these at any time if you decide that you don't want to sync that information anymore. At the very bottom you have your storage and back up option so you can back up your phone to iPod as well. So once again in order to sync with iCloud you just go to settings, tap on iCloud and then you'll sign in with your email and password and that's it, that's how you sync your iPhone with iCloud.

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