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How to Reset Your Keychain Password

Learn how to reset your keychain password in this Mac tutorial from Howcast.


Hi. Lisa here, and I'm gonna tell you how to reset your iCloud keychain security code. So if you've forgotten your security code, what you can do, is you can go to your settings, and you'll scroll down and you'll tap on iCloud. Then you're going to tap on Account. From there, at the bottom, you'll see Keychain, and you can actually tap on Chain Security Code from there. So if you've forgotten what it is, and need to reset it, that's how you do it. So lets go over that again. From your Home Screen, you're gonna tap on Settings.

You'll choose iCloud. You'll go to your Account. At the bottom, you'll tap on Keychain and then you'll choose Chain Security Code, and that's it. That's how you change your security code for your iCloud keychain.

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