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How to Remove an iPhone App Store App

Learn how to remove (uninstall) an iPhone App Store app in this Mac tutorial from Howcast.


Hi, Lisa here. And I'm going to show you how to delete an app from your iPhone. So sometimes you download an app, and then later on you realize you're never going to use it, and it's just taking up space on your phone. So what you want to do is find the app you don't want. So I've got one hanging out here on its own. And to delete it, all you have to do is press and hold with your finger. It will start to wiggle just like when you move them around. And you'll see a little x in a circle on the top left hand corner of the app.

You go ahead and you tap that x, and it will ask you if you want to delete that app, just to confirm. So you can tap delete, and then it will go away. All the data is off your phone. Now all the other apps are still moving, because you're editing, so you have to press the Home button to stop them from moving around. Now there's another way to delete apps, and you can do it by going to your settings. Once you're in your settings, you go to General, and then you go to Usage. From here, you're going to see all the apps that are on your phone and how much space they're all using up. So once you see them all loaded in, you can scroll through and see which ones are taking up the most space and choose what to delete. So you can click on "Show All Apps" and see even more of them. So I'm going to find the app that I want to delete. You can tap on it, and then underneath the space where it shows you how much space it's using up, you'll see "Delete App." So you can tap that. It will ask you if you're sure again. And you say, "Delete App." And there it goes. It disappears along with all the data that's in it. And that's it. That's how you delete an app on your iPhone.

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