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How to Force Quit on a Mac

Learn how to force quit on a Mac in this Mac tutorial from Howcast.


Hi Lisa here and I'm going to show you a few ways to force quit programs on your mac. So if the program you are running isn't responding or you need to shut it down what you can do is force quit it. Now the first option would be to go up to the apple in the top left hand corner of your screen, click on it and one of the many options is to force quit. When you click that it's going to show you all of the applications that you currently have open. So right now we can click on for example firefox and then click force quit. It will ask you if you are sure because if you force quit a program before you have saved changes you may loose some information. So in this case we are sure so we say force quit, now we can close this out.

Another way to bring that same menu up is to hold option, command, and escape together. So you go 1 2 3 we will get the same menu, and choose another one, force quit, just like that. Another way to force quit is by using a program called activity monitor. So you can go up to the spot light in the top right hand corner type in activity, you will see activity monitor as an app, open that up and now you'll see all of the apps that are running on your computer right now. We can find one that we want to quit, so I'll choose spotify and then the X in the top left hand corner you go ahead and you click on that and you get the option to quit or force quit. So we can force quit and it will shut that program down. And that's how you force quit programs on your mac.

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