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Top 5 Keyboard Shortcuts on a Mac

Learn the top five keyboard shortcuts on a Mac in this Mac tutorial from Howcast.


Hi Lisa here, and I'm gonna show you some great keyboard shortcuts you can use on you Mac. One of the ones I really use often is Cmd and then Tab. By using these two buttons it let's you cycle through the different apps you have open. See you hold down Cmd, while you press Tab. So right now activity monitor is the app that is in the forefront on my screen. But if I wanna go to safari, I can go through until I land on safari, let go, and now that comes at the front. I can do Cmd and Tab again, and go back to activity monitor or even do it to a different program like Firefox. Another one I really use often is Cmd and then Spacebar. So the same as before, you hold Cmd and hit the Spacebar and that will bring up spotlight in the top right hand corner.

In spotlight you can search for anything on your computer. So, it's really quick to be able to launch it by doing Cmd and Spacebar. Another one that's great is using Cmd + Q to quit programs. So right now I'm in firefox, but if I'm done using it and I wanna quit, instead of having to go to the firefox's menu to quit it, I can just do Cmd and then Q. If I hold down Cmd and click Q, and it quits the whole program. And I can do that all the way through for all the things I have open. Another one that's great is if you wanna open up a new window in application you're in, you can do Cmd and N. So I can open up a couple safari windows here. And then if I wanna switch in between those windows, I can do Cmd and the tick key. So I go Cmd, tick, and takes me through all the different windows that I have opened right now, but just in this program. And there you go. Those are the few top keyboard shortcuts.

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