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How to Play Music Purchased on iTunes

Learn how to play music purchased on iTunes in this Mac tutorial from Howcast.


Hi, Lacy here, and I'm going to show you how to play music that you've purchased from iTunes. So first you want to make sure that you're actually signed into your i-tunes account on your computer. So you'll look over on the left-hand side here for the i-tunes store and click there and then on the right-hand side, you can look under purchased. Here, you're going to see if you're signed in and you can see all the music that you've purchased. Then, you go up to your music tab on the left and you'll see all that music.

Now, the ones that have that little icon here, with the cloud, that means that's not actually on your computer, it's stored in the cloud, but it has a record of you buying it. The ones without the cloud show that they're actually on your computer, stored on the hard drive. So to play the ones that are stored on your hard drive, you can just double click and it will play and you can actually do the same things with the ones that are stored on the cloud, you can actually stream those songs. You'll just do the same thing, double click and it will start to play as soon as it's loaded. So that's it, that's how you can play songs purchased from i-tunes on your computer.

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