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How to Use the Dictation Feature on Your Mac

Learn how to use the dictation feature on your Mac in this Mac tutorial from Howcast.


Hi Lucy here, and I am gonna show you how to use dictation on your Mac. So first were gonna go to our system preferences. And once we are here were gonna look for dictation and speech. Your going to find it down in the forth row. Here you can turn it on or off. And you can choose whether or not to use enhanced dictation. You can choose your language and you can also choose your short cut. Now the short cut is how you enable dictation. You have some options by default. The main one is to press the function key twice.

Which is this key in the very far left corner of your computer. Now you can choose from either other options or even pick your own. But I am gonna stick with the function key. So now it's on. I'm gonna open up my note pad so I can try it out. I'm gonna press the hot key twice. And then I'll see a little mic show up.

And you can see in the mic there's little purple bubbles that full it up and down as you talk that indicate that the volume of your voice is going up and down. When your done you just hit the return key and then it will show you that its working on it. As you can see here it wrote down what I said with a couple of errors here and there. You'll have to check it out to make sure it's all correct. But for the most part it's a great tool. And that's how you use dictation on your Mac.

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