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How to Make Text Larger on a Mac

Learn how to make text larger on a Mac in this Mac tutorial from Howcast.


Hi, Lisa here; and I’m going to show you to increase the size of text on your Mac. So if you’re looking at something on the internet, you have a couple of options. You have a track pad. You can actually just take two fingers and go from being pinched together to moving apart and whatever you’re viewing it’s going to get bigger whether it’s pictures or text,anything at all. Then you just take two fingers and then pinch them back together to get it back to its original size. Additionally, if you prefer to use the keyboard, you can hold down the Command key and the Plus key. So you go Command and you hit the Plus however many times you’d like to make it bigger.And then to make it smaller, you do the same thing but with the Minus key.

Now in some applications you can also make the text bigger in that specific program. So we’re going to open up the Mail application and in here we’reviewing a message. Now you can make the text bigger the same way by using the command and the plus and then minus again to make it small. Or, you can set an overall rule that the font is going to be larger. So when you go to your preferences for mail by going to Mail and then Preferences. You’ll have a lot of tabs at the top. The one we want to look at is fonts and colors. Then you’ll see “message font,” you can go to “select” on the right-hand side and you can pick a larger font from there. Now when we select that it gets bigger in the message. So that’show you can increase your font on a Mac.

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