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How to Upgrade or Reinstall Mac OS X

Learn how to upgrade or reinstall Mac OS X in this Mac tutorial from Howcast.


Hi, Lisa here, I'm going to show you how you can upgrade or reinstall your operating system. So to upgrade, you can check and see if there's anything new by going to the App Store on your Mac. You can go to updates on the far right tab and here you'll see if you have any operating system updates.

If you do, you can just click on install and it will guide you through the rest of the process. Now if you want to reinstall your operating system, you're going to do it a little bit differently. You're going to go to the apple in the top left-hand corner, click on it, and you're going to say restart. Now once the computer screen goes black, you're going to hold down the option key as it turns on again. So here we go.

So the screen is black, I hold down the option key, and now when it boots up, it's going to give me an option of whether I boot to the hard drive, which is this site here on the left, Macintosh HD, or to the recovery drive on the right which says recovery under it. So click on the recovery drive, and then click on the arrow, and it will boot to that drive. From here you'll choose English, or whatever language it is that you speak best, and then you'll choose to reinstall OS10. You just hit continue and then it will walk you through all the rest of the steps. That's it, that's how you upgrade or reinstall your operating system.

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