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How to Say "Hello" in Polish

Learn how to say "hello" in Polish with this Howcast video.


Instructor: How to say, "Hello." Now if you want to just say, "Hi" informally to friends and not somebody superior or your parents you say, "Czesc." Again that's czesc. This ones a little bit tricky but if you break it down into three syllables it's che-sh-ch, czesc. Go ahead, you give it a try. Great. Now again. Czesc. Now this one's even easier if you want to say, "Hey" in Polish it's, "Hej," it's the same way. Go ahead, I know it's funny but try it. Hey.

Now, if you want to say, "What's up?" you say, "Jak tam?" It's two different words, "Jak tam." Go ahead, try it. Good. Jak tam? Or you could also say, "Co jest grane?" Those are three different words, "Co jest grane" One more time, Co jest grane? Give it a shot. Great. Once again you could say, "Jak tam?" or, "Co jest grane?"

Now if you want to say, "Hi" to somebody that's older than you or superior or a boss or just to say a general good morning you say, "Dzien dorbry." Dzien dobry. This one breaks down to jen, almost like the name Jen and then dough-bry. Dzien dobry. Go ahead, you give it a try. Great. Good morning is Dzien dobry.

Now if you want to say, "Good afternoon" in Polish it's the same as good morning so it's again, Dzien dobry. Give it a try, one more time. Nice. Dzien dobry. Now let's say you had a great day and you want to say, "How was your night?" Jak mineta noc? Now, let's try that a little slower. Jak mineta noc, it's three words. Jak, pretty easy mineta, again that's me-newaa, notc. Now let's try it together, Jak mineta noc? Now you try. Very nice. How was your night? Jak mineta noc?

If you want to ask somebody, "Did you sleep well?" You say, "Dobrze spatas?" That's to say it to a female, dobrze spatas? Let's break that down into two words. Dough-bze, you'll hear that a lot in the Polish language and then for the female version it's spa-wash. Dobrze spatas? Let's try that one more time, dobrze spatas? If you want to say it to a male you say, "Dobrze spates? There's the difference. Female it's spatas, for the male it's spates. Dobrze spates? Go ahead, give it a try. That's great.

These are different ways to say, "Hello."

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