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How to Say "Goodbye" in Polish

Learn how to say "goodbye" in Polish with this Howcast video.


How to say goodbye. Now, if you want to just say bye informally, it's the same same as hell. You say cześć. So you can use it for hi or bye, informally. You say cześć. Again, just break it down into three quick syllables. Che-sh-ch. Cześć. Go ahead. You give it a try. Nice. Cześć.

Now, if you want to say goodnight to somebody, as in formally, where you don't have to say cześć, you say dobranoc. Dobranoc. Translates right to goodnight. Dough-bra-nots. Dobranoc. Go ahead. Give it a whirl. Very nice. You're a natural. Dobranoc.

Now, another way to say goodnight is to say good evening, which is a formal way of saying it. You say dobry wieczór. Again, it's two words, dobry and wieczór. Let's try it again. Dough-bry vye-chur. Dobry wieczór. Now, take your time, and give it a try. Great. So good evening is dobry wieczór.

Now, if you want to tuck your kids in at night and say sleep well, you say śpij dobrze. Again, that's shpee dough-bsheh. So it's two different words. The accent is on the first syllable, śpij, and then dobrze. So, once again, śpij dobrze. Give it a shot. Great, you'll be sleeping well tonight. Śpij dobrze.

Now, if you want to say see you in the morning, you say do zobaczenia rano. Do zobaczenia rano. It's three words. Do. The next one's a little longer. Zobaczenia, and then rano. So, again, it's dough zoh-baa-cheh-nya rah-no. So let's try that one more time. Do zobaczenia rano. Little tricky. Give it a try. I knew you'd get it. Do zobaczenia rano.

Now, if you just want to say see you later, you say na razie. Two quick words. Na razie. Try it. Na razie. Nice. So, see you later is na razie.

Those are different ways to say goodbye.

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