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How to Say "Yes" in Polish

Learn how to say "yes" in Polish with this Howcast video.


How to say "Yes."

Saying yes is very simple, tak. Almost like a Tic Tac, but instead of saying a, you say ah, tahk. So one more time, tak. Go ahead, give it a shot. Yes, tak.

Now another variation of yes is yep, which is aha, very easy, A-H-A. Aha. Go ahead, give it a shot. Yep, you're right, aha.

Now to say "Sure," you say "pevnie." It's one word. We can break it down into two syllables, pev-nye. Pev-nye, pewnie. Now you try. Very nice, pewnie.

Now if you want to ask "Are you sure?" you say, "Jesteś pewny?" Jesteś pewny? That's how you say it to a male. Jesteś pewny? So let's break that down really quick. Yes-tesh peh-vny. Jesteś pewny? Go ahead, give it a shot. Nice.

Now let's say it to a lady, "Jesteś pewna?" So the difference is the ending of pewny and pewna. Jesteś pewna? So let's do that a little slower. Yes-tesh peh-vnah. Jesteś pewna? Now you ask. You're a natural. Jesteś pewny? Jesteś pewna?

To say "Why not," you say, "czemu nie?" Czemu nie? So it's two words, czemu, and then, nie. Tch-eh-moo nye. Czemu nie? Give it a shot. Great. Why not? Czemu nie?

Those are a few different ways to say yes.

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