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How to Say "No" in Polish

Learn how to say "no" in Polish with this Howcast video.


How to say "No."

So to simply just say no, you say nie. Nye, nie. Go ahead, try. Yeah, I know, that one was easy.

To say, "I don't think so," you say, "Ja nie myślę." Ja nie myślę. So three words, the first to are easy. Ja nie myślę, so that last word is mysh-le, don't forget that little accent at the end, mysh-le. Ya nye mysh-le, So at full speed, it sounds like this, "Ja nie myślę." Go ahead, rock it out. That's great. Ja nie myślę.

Now to say, "No way," you say, "W żaden sposób." W żaden sposób. It's actually three words, w żaden sposób. W żaden sposób. Let's try that slower one more time, v zsha-en spo-soup, the b almost sounds like a p, spo-soup. W żaden sposób. Go ahead, give it a try. Great. W żaden sposób.

Those are just a few ways of saying no.

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