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How to Say "I Miss You" in Polish

Learn how to say "I miss you" in Polish with this Howcast video.


How to say, I miss you. So, to say I miss you, you say tęsknię za tob.... Tęsknię za tob.... So, let's break this one down. Tę. There's a little accent, there, on the E. Tęsknię. Sknię. There's that little SK. Sknię. Za tob.... There's another accent. Tob.... So there's three quick accents, at the beginning, at the middle, and the end. Tęsknię za tob.... Tęsknię za tob.... I think you've got this one. Give it a try. That's great. Tęsknię za tob....

Now, to say, I'll be back soon, you say zaraz wrócę. Zaraz wrócę. So, it's two words. Zaraz. That one's easy, and then wró. There's a little accent on top of the O, which changes the O to oo, so it's wrócę. There's that E accent again. Wrócę. Wrócę. So you say zaraz wrócę. Zaraz wrócę. Now, tell me you'll be back soon. I believe you. Zaraz wrócę.

Now, if you want to ask, when are you coming back? You say kiedy wracasz? Kiedy wracasz? So, a little slower, kiedy, is the first word. Kiedy. Wracasz. Wracasz. Wracasz. Kiedy wracasz? Go ahead. Great. When are you coming back? Kiedy wracasz?

Those are just three ways to say I miss you.

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