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How to Say "I Want You" in Polish

Learn how to say "I want you" in Polish with this Howcast video.


How to say I want you. You're beautiful. So, to say you're beautiful to a female, you say jesteś piękna. Jesteś piękna. So, the difference between saying it to a female and a male is that second word, the ending to it. So, jesteś piękna. Let's break that down. Jesteś. The little accent on top of the S, which makes a sh sound. Jesteś. Pię. There's an accent on the E. Piękna. Piękna. Jesteś piękna. Sounds like this. Jesteś piękna. Go ahead. Tell her, you're beautiful.

Now, to say it to a male, you just change the ending of the second word, so, instead of jesteś piękna, you say jesteś piękny. So, let's practice it just a little bit more. Jesteś piękny. Kny. Jesteś piękny. Jesteś piękny. Go ahead. Nice.

To say, you're sexy, you say it like this. Jesteś sexy. See? It's easy. Sexy in English is sexy in Polish. It's universal, but you've still got to learn that first word. Jesteś. Jesteś. Jesteś sexy. Go ahead. Tell me. Why thank you. Jesteś sexy.

That's how you say I want you.

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