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How to Say "Happy Birthday" in Polish

Learn how to say "Happy Birthday" in Polish with this Howcast video.


How to say, happy birthday! So, this one's a little tricky. If you want to say it formally, happy birthday, it's a sentence. Wszyskjego najlepszego z okazji urodzin. Sounds a little crazy, I know. But let's break it down. Wszyskjego najlepszego z okazji urodzin. So the first word, is like this: vshi-stykye-go. Vshi-stykye-go. Vshi-stykye-go. Second word: nay-lep-shee-go. Nay-lep-shee-go. Nay-lep-shee-go. Nay-lep-shee-go. Z oka-zyi. oka-zyi. oka-zyi. Oo-ro-jean. Oo-ro-jean. Oo-ro-jean. So, wszyskjego - try that one. Great! Najlepszego. Najlepszego, give that one a try. Great! Z okazji, z okazji urodzin. Urodzin. So, let's combine it: wszyskjego najlepszego z okazji urodzin. Now, try that whole sentence. Wow! You picked that up really fast. Now, an easier way to say happy birthday, it's also an informal way to say it and it's also the universal phrase in Polish to say cheers or to salute any other occasion and it's one of the most popular Polish phrases you will ever hear and it's: sto lat. Really easy. Sto lat. One more time, stow lat. Stop lat. Give it a try. See, you're halfway to being Polish already. Now, to say, when is your birthday, you say: kiedy sa twoje urodziny? Kiedy sa twoje urodziny? Let's break that down. It's four words: kyedi. Kyedi sa, a little accent on the a. Tvoyea. Tvoyea. Oo-ro-jeani. Oo-ro-jeani. Oo-ro-jeani. Kiedy sa twoje urodziny? Let's say that a little faster. Kiedy sa twoje urodziny? Now, give it a shot. That's great! Kiedy sa twoje urodziny? To ask somebody, how old are you, you say: ile masz lat? ile masz lat? It's three words: eele mash laat? Ile masz lat? Go ahead. That's great! I'd tell you but I'd have to kill you. Ile masz lat? Those are a few ways to say, happy birthday.

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