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How to Say "Excuse Me" in Polish

Learn how to say "excuse me" in Polish with this Howcast video.


How to say, "Excuse me." Now to say, "Pardon me." or "Excuse me." you say, "Przepraszam." Przepraszam. Now let's break this word down. Pshe. The rz makes an sh sound. Pshe-pra, sz makes shh, a little bit of a stronger accent. Shaam. So it's pshe-pra-shaam. Pshe-pra-shaam. Przepraszam. One more time. Przepraszam. Go ahead, you try. Excellent. Pshe-pra-shaam. Przepraszam. Now to say to somebody, "Get out of my way." You say, "Zejdz mi z drogi." Zejdz mi z drogi. So, four quick words. Sage, Sage. Z with a little accent at the end is almost like a ch sound. Sage. Me. The i is and e. Z. Drogee. Drogee. sage me z drogee. So at full speed, Zejdz mi z drogi. Go ahead. Alright. Alright. I'll get out of your way. Zejdz mi z drogi. Now watch out. If you want to say, "Watch Out." you say, "Uwazaj." Uwazaj. Oo-va-shaay. shayy. Oo-va-shaay. Full speed. Uwazaj. Go ahead. Great. Uwazaj. Those are three ways to say, "Excuse me."

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