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How to Say "I'm Sorry" in Polish

Learn how to say "I'm sorry" in Polish with this Howcast video.


How to say I'm sorry.

So to say I'm sorry or my apologies, you say "Pshe-pra-shaam."


It's the same way to say "pardon me" or "excuse me."

My apologies, I'm sorry, you say, "Pshe-pra-shaam."

Pshe prash aam. Pshe-pra-shaam.

Go ahead. Give it a shot.



Now to say, "I'm sad" or "I'm upset", you say, "pshi-kro me." Pshi-kro me.

Let's break that one down.

The first word, pshi-kro.

Pshi-kro me. Pshi-kro me. Pshi-kro me.

Go ahead. Tell me you're sad.

That's great. Pshi-kro me.

So those are two quick ways to say I'm sorry.

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