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How to Say "You're Welcome" in Polish

Learn how to say "you're welcome" in Polish with this Howcast video.


How to say, "You're welcome." You say, "Prosze bardzo." Prosze bardzo. So it's two words. Let's break those two words down. First word, prosze. It's, Pro-she. There's a little accent on that e that we keep seeing. Pro-she. Prosze. And the second word. Bar-dzo, Bar-dzo, dzo. Bardzo. Prosze bardzo. Go ahead, give it a shot. Awesome. Prosze bardzo. Now to say, "Hey, don't worry about it." or "Don't mention it." You say, "Nie ma za co." Nie ma za co. It's four very quick words. Ney, which means no, literally. Nye ma za tso. This one's easy. Nie ma za tso. Nie ma za co. Go ahead. Very good. Nie ma za co. To say, "It's my pleasure." You say, "Mam przyjemnosc." Mam przyjemnosc. So the first word is, maam, maam. And then Pshi-yem-no-shh-ch. So you have to combine those two syllables. Shh and ch. Pshi-yem-no-shh-ch. Pshi-yem-no-shh-ch. Pshi-yem-no-shh-ch. Maam-pshi-yem-no-shh-ch. Now, a little bit of a tongue twister, but give it a shot. That's great. Mam przyjemnosc. So those are just a few different way's to say, "You're welcome."

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