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How to Say "Happy Valentine's Day" in Polish

Learn how to say "Happy Valentine's Day" in Polish with this Howcast video.


How to say, happy Valentine's day. Szczęśliwy Walentynki. Szczęśliwy Walentynki. So, let's break this one down. This one's a little tricky. The SZ makes a sh, and the CZ makes a ch, so shch. Shch. Shch. Then the E with an accent makes an ew, and the S with a line on top makes an accent that turns it into sh, so we've got a lot going on there, but it's shch-esh-shch, so try that. Szczęś. Then the second half of the word is lee-vy, because a W, in Polish, is just a V sound, so szczęśliwy. All the work is in the first half of the word. Szczęśliwy Walentynki. Walentynki. Szczęśliwy Walentynki. Now, at full speed, szczęśliwy Walentynki. Go ahead. You try it. Well done. That was great.

Now, if you want to say, do you want to be my valentine? You say, chcesz być moim Walentynk...? Chcesz być moim Walentynk...? Now, that's how a female says it to a male, and I'll show to the difference in a little bit. Now let's break this down. The CH, the C is silent, and then the SZ makes a sh sound, so it's hcesh. Hcesh. Then the C in the second word, with an accent, is a ch. It sounds like bitch, so bitch. Moyeem. Moyeem, and then W's in the Polish language sound like Vs, so valentynkaw. An A with an accent on the bottom turns the A into aw, so, one more time. Walentynk.... Walentynk.... Chcesz być moim Walentynk...? Chcesz być moim Walentynk...? Go ahead. Try it. Very good.

Now, the only difference between a female saying it to a male, and a male saying it to a female, is the third word. So, let's break this down. Chcesz być moj... Walentynk...? So, instead of moim, we say moj..., and that's the difference, but let's break this down and practice it a little more. Chcesz. Chcesz być moj.... The A with an accent turns it into an aw. Moj... Walentynk.... So, again, Chcesz być moj... Walentynk...? Chcesz być moj... Walentynk...? Go ahead. Ask me. Very good, and that's how you say, happy Valentine's day.

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