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How to Say "You Are Beautiful" in Polish

Learn how to say "you are beautiful" in Polish with this Howcast video.


How to say "You are beautiful."

Jesteś piękna. Jesteś piękna. So it's two words. The first word goes like this, jes-tesh. An S with an accent on top turns it into a sh, so jes-tesh, jes-tesh. The second word is piękna. An E with a little accent on the bottom turns it into elm, so it's pyew-kna, pyew-kna, pyew-kna. Together, Jesteś piękna. Go ahead, tell her "You are beautiful." That's great.

Now, to say "He is handsome," you say on jest przystojny, on jest przystojny. So it's three words, on yest pshi-stoy-ny, pshi-stoy-ny, pshi-stoy-ny. On jest przystojny, on jest przystojny. So that's how to say it on full speed. Now, I want to hear you try. Very good!

To say "She is pretty," you say ona jest ładna. Ona yest wad-nah. So let's break this down, this is three words ona yest wad-na. An L with a line through it is an accent that turns it into a wa, so it's wad-nah, wad-nah. Ona jest ładna. Go ahead, I want to hear you try. Very good!

That's how you say "You are beautiful."

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