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How to Say "What's Up" in Polish

Learn how to say "what's up" in Polish with this Howcast video.


How to say, "What's up?"

Jak tam? Jak tam? This one's easy. Jak tam? Let me hear you try, very good.

To say," How's it going?" You say, jak leci? Jak leci? So it's two quick words, jak leci, jak leci, jak leci? Go ahead, ask me. Things are going great, thanks. That was good.

To ask, "How are you?" You say, "Jak się masz?" Jak się masz? So it's three words, let's break it down, jak się, the E with an accent turns into L, so it's się masz, jak się masz? Go ahead, give it a shot, that's great.

Those are a couple of different ways to say, "What's up?"

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