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How to Say "Shut Up" in Polish

Learn how to say "shut up" in Polish with this Howcast video.


How to say "Shut Up." Zamknij się. Zamknij się. You do it with a little bit of an attitude too. You do zamknij się. Zamknij sie. So to break it down, zamknij, zamknij, like knee, zamknij się. The e with the little accent underneath it makes an elm, so zamknij się. Zamknij się. Go ahead, tell me to shut up. All right, all right, I will. Good job though.

To say "Quiet," you say cicho. Cicho. So cicho, the ch combination makes the c silent so cicho. Cicho. Go ahead, try it. Very good!

To say "You're too loud," jesteś za głośno. Jesteś za głośno. So let's break these words down, jesteś, the s with an accent on it is a sh, so jesteś za głośno. So the l with an accent or the accent line through it makes a wo, so glo, then the s again, sno, glosno. Jesteś za głośno. Jesteś za głośno. Go ahead, say it. Okay, good job.

Those are a few different ways to say "Shut Up."

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