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How to Order Beer in Polish

Learn how to order beer in Polish with this Howcast video.


How to say "You're Stupid"

Now, there is a difference between saying "You're stupid" to a male and "You're stupid" to a female.

To say it to a male, you say: yea-stesh g-woo-pee

yea-stesh g-woo-pee

So, let's break this down. yea-stesh

The S with an accent at the end is a "sh". So, yea-stesh.


The L with the accent line through it is "wa". g-woo-pee

yea-stesh g-woo-pee

Go ahead. Try it.

Very good.

To say it to a female, you say: yea-stesh g-woo-pya

So, to a male you say "g-woo-pee" to a female you say "g-woo-pya".

So, for practice, let's break it down one more time.

yea-stesh g-woo-pya


yea-stesh g-woo-pya

So, now let me hear you say it.

Very good. I don't recommend saying it but very good.

To say "You're an idiot (male)" you say "yea-stesh idyota".

yea-stesh idyota

So, let's break this down; two words.

yea-stesh... idyota

The A with the accent underneath makes an "ou" sound.


yea-stesh... idyota

yea-stesh idyota

Now, I want to hear you call me an idiot.

Well, that sounded a little too good to be true, but great job.

To say "You're pathetic" you say "yea-stesh sha-woe-sny".

yea-stesh sha-woe-sny

Now, to say to a male, you say it like that. yea-stesh sha-woe-sny

Let's break this down: yea... stesh... sha... woe... sny

The Z with a dot accent is a "djz" sound, and the L with a line accent through it is "wah". So, sha... woe... sny.


yea-stesh sha-woe-sny

Let me hear you say it. Nice job. Now, to say it to a female, you say "yea-stesh sha-woe-sna".

yea-stesh sha-woe-sna

So, the only difference is "sha-woe-sny" and "sha-woe-sna".So, let's practise it just one more time: yea-stesh... sha... woe... sna.

Now, let me hear you try it.

Very good. Very good.

To say "You're crazy", if you want to say it to a female, you say "yea-stesh sha-lona".

yea-stesh sha-lona

Let's break this one down: yea... stesh... The S with the accent makes a "sh" sound.


The SZ makes a "sh" sound. sha... lo... na.


yea-stesh sha-lona

Give it a shot.


Now, if you want to say it to a male, you say "yea-stesh sha-lony".

That's the difference. "sha-lona" "sha-lony".

Just for practise, let's do it one more time. yea-stesh... sha... lo... ny

Now, you say it.

You're well on your way to calling somebody crazy. Good job.

And how you call somebody "Stupid".

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