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Passive Anger vs. Aggressive Anger

Learn the difference between passive anger and aggressive anger from anger management expert Dr. J. Ryan Fuller in this Howcast video.


Frequently when we talk about anger, we're really talking about the emotional experience of an anger phenomenon. But with that, there are also certain action tendencies and behaviors that go along with it. The most obvious, of course, are sort of aggressive anger. And really, aggression is the behavior that frequently accompanies anger, and it usually has an intention to harm another individual.

So this could be very direct. It could be in the form of physical assault. It could be in the form of property damage or something like that. There are also forms that are even more indirect. It might even be relational. And sometimes, people talk about passive anger or passive aggression and things of that nature where I might be spreading rumors about someone at work or simply saying negative things about them behind their back. Again, I might expect that it's going to eventually do them harm, but it's more passive or indirect, and it's not a specific physical threat.

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