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What Is a Potbellied Pig aka Miniature Pig?

Learn the basics about potbellied pigs, also known as miniature pigs, in this Howcast video featuring Ross Mill Farm president Susan Magidson.


A pot-belly pig is a miniature swine. They're also referred to as miniature pigs. They have a lot of different names. Some of the names are just a brand, and some of them are actually descriptions, and most of them are mutts. In fact, they're all mutts. They are mutt. They came from a variety of Southeast Asian breeds initially. Now, they are mixed with other breeds as well.

Today, the breeds are such a combination of breeds, but what we're noticing is that their size is becoming a little bit smaller than the original ones. We also find that there's a variety of colors that we didn't see early on. The biggest difference is the size between the livestock pigs and the miniature pigs. They're probably about 10% of the larger ones. The pot-belly pig is honestly about 80 to 120 pounds. Some are smaller, very few though, and some of them are larger, and not a lot of them unless they're overweight.

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