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Myth of Mini Pigs & Micro Pigs

Learn why there really is no such thing as a "mini pig" or a "micro pig" in this Howcast video featuring Ross Mill Farm president Susan Magidson.


Some of the myths the pot-belly pigs is that they are a dirty animal, and that isn't true at all. They're very clean. As a matter of fact, that's why they're such a good house pet. They are very, very meticulous in the house. Actually, they are very disturbed in the barnyard. That the other pets in the barnyard, like the goats and the cows, they are messy, and the pigs are very disturbed because they want to be very, very clean.

Another myth is that they eat garbage. Mnh-mnh, they don't eat garbage at all. They are true vegetarians. They should be kept on a diet of just greens and grains, is what I tell people. So keep them on a good pot-belly pig food and not eating garbage or dough.

Another myth is that they are dumb. They are not dumb at all. As a matter of fact, they're a lot smarter than I am half the time. You actually have to appreciate their extreme intelligence. They say that they are the forth most intelligent animal on Earth, so they are pretty smart. As a matter of fact, they learn how to manipulate about at the same way that a two- or three-year-old child does. They can get their way pretty easily, so we have to be aware and be a good parent in order to have a good pig.

Another myth is that they are fat. That's not true. I know artists, for years, have depicted them as a big, round, fat animal, and that's not true at all. They should be sleek and lean and athletic like a dog. The biggest myth is their size, and I think that is the biggest problem that we face today as far as myths go. There is a lot of breeders online that will be telling you that they only get 20, 25 pounds. That's not true at all. The smallest ones I've ever seen are 60 pounds, and that's only a few of them. Most of them get to be 80. I consider that to be a small pig. A hundred and twenty pounds is a larger size, average larger size pig. So that's a big myth you have to be very careful of.

When we think about these pigs, we need to understand that these are miniature swine. They are not miniature to their breed, they are miniature to their species.

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