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Is It Legal to Keep a Pig in Your Home?

Learn if it is legal to keep a pet pig in your home in this Howcast video featuring Ross Mill Farm president Susan Magidson.


Is it legal to have a pet pig in your home? Sometimes not. You have to check your zoning laws when you are thinking about purchasing a new home or purchasing your pig. You should check with your zoning laws. You'll find them often online, so that you can find both the livestock laws as well as your dog and cat laws.

The townships have been challenged from time to time, and laws are being changed as we discover that these guys are really good pets. But unlike getting a dog or a cat, you need to check with your zoning before you purchase or before you buy a home.

If you do come across a difficulty with your zoning law, you can always approach pot-belly pig experts like myself to help you change your zoning law in your town. The reason that the laws were written were to make sure that there was no swine and farming type of swine in their communities. Zoning boards that will be making this decision are often persuaded to change their laws. They didn't intend to write this law to prohibit having a pig as a pet.

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