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How Big Do Potbellied Pigs Get?

Learn how big potbellied pigs get in this Howcast video featuring Ross Mill Farm president Susan Magidson.


How big does a pot-belly pig get? It's... depends. There is a wide variety of sizes in pigs. And it does have to do with how big mom and dad are at maturity. Mom and dad can be very, very small, very young when they start to produce. Little boys can start producing at actually only eight weeks old, and the little girls can start to produce at as young as five months old. And that is a very small animal at that time.

So when you go to purchase a pig and you see the mom and the dad, you be sure to ask what their age is. It's very important to know that a pig matures at four to five years old. For example, Churchill here is a mature pot-belly pig. He's not going to get any bigger than this. He is eight years old. And when he was sold, he was sold as a piglet, and he was only supposed to get 19 pounds. And, of course, that caused Churchill to go into a rescue, and that's how I met Churchill. He came into our rescue.

Rule of thumb is the pot-belly pigs will grow from birth. They're about a pound, and they grow one pound per week in their first year. At their first birthday, you could weigh them and double that weight to get what is going to be approximately their adult weight. So now that Churchill is a good 110 pounds, he was about 55 pounds when he was a year old. And that's kind of a calculation that you can do for your pig too to find out how big will my pig get.

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