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Potbellied Pigs vs. Domestic Pigs

Learn the difference between potbellied pigs and domestic pigs in this Howcast video featuring Ross Mill Farm president Susan Magidson.


The difference between potbelly pigs and the meat market pigs is their size; that goes without saying. Potbelly pigs, they top out 120, maybe 150 for the larger ones. The pigs that you see at the county fair, those pigs are only six months old and they weigh 250 pounds already. If they were left to reach their adulthood, they would be 1000 pounds. That’s a huge difference; that is the major difference.

Then there are some other differences that we see. We have smaller, more erect ears on the pot belly pig. We actually have a little sway to their back, we have shorter legs than the livestock pigs, and they have a straight tail. That’s the major difference, is they have a straight tail that loves to wag when they’re happy. That’s the major difference. There are other differences.

One of the things that we’ve discovered is that potbelly pigs are really, really good inside the house. They have very good house manners, but the bigger pigs, their house manners are not quite the same. We contribute that to these farm pigs have been living in outside conditions, crowded conditions, they’re surviving the best they can in these very small contained areas so they’ve lost of their manners that they learned in the wild. The potbelly pig never wants to go to the bathroom in its nest area because the predator could catch him. He always wants to go away from his nest in order for him to relieve himself, where the livestock pigs, they just go to the bathroom because they’re forced to do that.

They’re both swine; their anatomy is identical and their medicines that they use would be the same. There are similarities as well to the swine. The level of intelligence is there too; they’re both extremely intelligent.

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