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Are Potbellied Pigs Smart Animals?

Learn if potbellied pigs are smart animals in this Howcast video featuring Ross Mill Farm president Susan Magidson.


Potbelly pigs are very smart animals. They’re actually the forth most intelligent animal in the world; apes and monkeys would be greater, humans supposedly, and the whale/dolphin family, and then there’s the potbelly pigs, or swine. That makes them extremely intelligent. They have the intellect of a two to three-year-old child. They have emotions. They can identify who they belong to and other people in the family. They have … Churchill, come back here. See, he’s smart, he’s coming back. He knows that I have the Cheerio. Come back here, Churchill. They know their name.

They learn quickly. We can change the routine on them just like that, and maybe in a day or two, maybe they’ll be confused the first day. Let’s say you move the furniture around or you move into a new home; at first they’re quite upset, just like we are until we get our routine down, but once they establish that routine, they know exactly what time it is, and they’ll wake you up right on time every day.

One of the things about pigs that you’ll discover when you own one is that they love to learn. In order to keep them really stimulated and happy, they want to be learning all the time. They’ll focus on you constantly just to learn that next trick. They can be taught to identify their colors, to identify shapes. All those little flash cards you get for your kindergartener, they’ll learn. They're very, very smart and they’re fun to be with.

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