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How to Prepare Your Home for a Potbellied Pig

Learn how to prepare your home for a potbellied pig in this Howcast video featuring Ross Mill Farm president Susan Magidson.


When you get a potbelly pig, you better have your home all prepared before you bring it home. You need a space for the pig. The space should be, if it’s a youngster, a very small area; maybe four feet by eight feet is a small area where it has a litter box, a bed area, preferably a bed, like a crate, that’s covered. It can even be a corrugated box upside down with the door carved into it and lots of blankets inside of it so that it can get away and likes to be in these little spaces. That’s when you first bring a pig home.

There are also outside area. You need to make sure your yard is secure, that there is fencing or some kind of containment for them; outside pen area. It should be made by the time that they are a year old. The pen area needs to be a secured fencing; it needs to have a little doghouse of some kind in there. It needs to have a pool for water source so that they can cool their selves down in the summer time. They need shade in their outside space, they need water. That’s about it for the outside area. That outside area should not be situated under any kind of trees that would be producing food or nuts; they don’t need any more food.

You want to be securing your cabinets and you want to make sure that below the countertops there is no food sources. This eliminates the pig getting into things, and all the food is putting up so that it will not get into things. Pigs are very food motivated and we don’t want them to get any food that isn’t good for them. In your other areas of the house, you should have no clutter. If you have clutter around, magazine, video tapes, that type of thing, they all need to be picked up so that they don’t get into anything. They are curious about things and their nesters, so they will get into magazines and root them up, that type of thing, so be careful of your homework.

When preparing your home, you should realize that pigs should not do stairs. Some of them are capable of doing stairs but they shouldn’t be doing them. You want to ramp areas that they have to maneuver, so like a porch going out to the backyard; you need a ramp. If you have an upstairs, don’t worry about the pig going up there, he should stay on the first floor.

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