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Best Bedding for an Indoor Pig

Learn what is the best bedding for an indoor pig in this Howcast video featuring Ross Mill Farm president Susan Magidson.


The bedding for a pet pig is different than a dog. What they really want is a whole bunch of blankets that are closely-woven blankets. Fleece-lined blankets are very, very good. Dog beds, I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on dog beds because the pigs have a tendency to rip the dog beds up. A few of them are very, very good with them, so you can try it, but don’t spend a lot of money. They also are nesters.

One of the things that you can do to entertain your pig is to actually disassemble their bed and put it in different parts of the house, and then if they’re so inclined, they can drag their bedding back to their nest area. They always like to go back to the same nest area. It’s important that the location of their nest is in an area that is not high traffic for the rest of the family; in a corner or under something is to their liking. They love crates, they should have a crate. If you’re not using a crate and you don’t like that idea, that’s okay if it works for you, but a lot of times, a crate will give them a sense of security, cave-like environment, and you let them have their blankets for a long time. They may rip them up, and shred them, and weave them, but that’s nest-building, and that’s part of what they like to do, and they want their nest.

If it becomes soiled, has an odor to it, of course, throw it away or wash it, but leave it alone if it’s not soiled or ripped.

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