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How to Transport Your Potbellied Pig

Learn the best way to transport your potbellied pig in this Howcast video featuring Ross Mill Farm president Susan Magidson.


Transporting your pet pig is very important that you do it in an enclosed car where they’re completely air-conditioned or heated, depending on the weather of course. I highly recommend that all pigs travel all of their life in a travel carrier that is plastic-molded, it is better than the wire crates because they don’t want to see the movement of the traffic outside. What you want to do is you want to have a padding on your travel crate. Thank you very much Periwinkle, that was very good; something that will keep them from sleeping that fits very tightly.

If you’re going on a long trip with a pig, you might want to put corrugated box on the bottom of the pen, something nice and thick so that if they urinate on it, it will be in here instead of all over the pig. Go in your pen, go in your crate. That’s a good girl. A couple of treats doesn’t hurt, and securely lock the crate down, and then you can pick … you need to put her in the crate in your home, at her nest where she’s most comfortable. Then you can pick up the crate and carry it to the car. If they’re too big to carry the crate, what you need to do is put it on some sort of roller, like even the wagon or a cart, something of that nature, so that it wheels out to the car, and then pick it up and put it into the car. That’s the safest way to transport your pig.

The crate needs to be large enough so that the pig can turn around in it. Are you turned around Periwinkle? She’s not, but she can turn around in her crate. If you’re having a hard time getting the pig in a crate, you can maneuver the crate so it’s up against a wall. You narrow your options so that the pig only can go forward into the crate. You can use a board. This small sample is a sorting; a handle on it, a piece of board, solid, and that looks like a wall to them. When you put this, it should be more like two feet by three feet. When you put this in their vision, you can make them go into the crate with that.

When you’re in the car and you’re traveling, you should turn a nice comfortable music, nice soothing music is best for them because they like to listen to music but they also do not want to hear any arguing from anybody in the car. No loud noises, no boom-boom music, so that everything is very comfortable.

There’s one more thing. When you’re traveling with them and if the pig is very anxious, it wouldn’t hurt to use something like Rescue Remedy from Bach, it’s a flower formula, it’s totally harmless. It wouldn’t hurt if you took a little of this as well. This it works very good, just gives them a relaxed environment. I don’t recommend any type of types of drugs like Valium, things like that that normally dogs and cats might be given by the veterinarian. When you’re traveling, sometimes they’ll become very anxious, so a lightweight blanket over the crate is very beneficial for them. A blanket is always a good thing to add, just to keep them occupied and also if they want to go to sleep, and keeps them from slipping a little bit.

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