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How to Feed Your Potbellied Pig

Learn how to feed your potbellied pig in this Howcast video featuring Ross Mill Farm president Susan Magidson.


How do you feed a pot belly pig? You really need to know that this is the number one problem we see in pet pigs. If you don't feed them right they can get obese. If you don't feed them right they can become behaviorally disasters? Food is the key to everything you must feed them properly. Key, key to having a really good animal not only nice looking but also well behaved. They are several brands on the market that are specifically formulated for pet pigs use those and only use those. The livestock swine feed is inappropriate for pet pigs, this feed is formulated to get a big, quick and to market. Pot belly pig food is formulated to keep them healthy and to live a nice long life. The amount you feed is also very important. You don't need a lot of food to maintain a healthy pig but I would say, rule of thumb is that you use one cup of food per day for the younger pigs and when they get a little older you are going to need to change that to two cups of pig food per day. But they don't need a lot of fruits and vegetables. If you want to feed them some fruit or a little vegetable that's fine. They can manage that, they can tolerate it. It won't make them fat but they don't need it. For healthy pot belly pigs you only need to feed them one to two cups per pig per day. It is very important here to talk about treats as well because people have a tendency to give their pigs a lot of treats.

So that they are getting attention themselves, it's really something for them. It's not really something that's necessary for the pig. When you treat your pig all the time you will find that it can behave differently and quickly. What you really want to do is show your pig affection. When she comes over to get attention from you show her the attention, give her the love and hugs, sit on the floor, enjoy the time that you have with her. But the minute you introduce, oh look at this she is going to lay down for me, the minute you introduce food something very different happens. Here... I am just giving them to her she is not doing anything for them. But isn't she cute? She is so cute. Look at that tail wag, are you a happy piggy? Are you a happy piggy? Now this is why we feed them all the time because it makes us feel good. And look at how much attention we are getting. Now look at you. Now easy, easy... when you start to use food for attention you start to get a pig that is inappropriate. This behavior can escalate to biting you-if you are not feeding them fast enough, nudging at your leg all day long-just to get another treat from you. They become very animated so keep your treats at a minimum. No more treats, no. No more treats, good job.

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