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How to Groom Your Potbellied Pig

Learn how to groom your potbellied pig in this Howcast video featuring Ross Mill Farm president Susan Magidson.


Grooming your pig can be a challenge or it can be a real pleasurable experience. If you start off when they are very young and you start giving them baths you will find that they can enjoy it very much. A secret to giving them bath is do not turn the water while they are in the bath tub. Prepare everything before hand before you put that little piggy in the bath tub or in the shower. Then, also you can be perpetually feeding them something. Cheerios work great because they float on the water. Don't worry about getting any soap in their mouth or anything. They can eat a little soap it doesn't hurt them one bit. And then when you are done shampooing them you want to just gently clean the ear, the outside of the ear where you can see the dirt, you can clean that off. Don't try to clean the dirt that's down into the ear it could give your pig an ear infection. The eyes are also quite easy to clean and they can be very weepy. If your pig's eyes are runny you might look very closer to see if they have an eye lash that might be on the eye ball that's called entropion and simple surgery can sometime correct that. You can also just use a wash cloth. I recommend that you wrap it around your finger and that you just rub the eye very gently so that the pig is not disturbed by the wash cloth. On a daily basis you can groom your pig with a very hard bristle brush, almost like a scrub brush. Because that will exfoliate all of that dead dry skin and they don't have dandruff they just have really thick skin, so as those skin cells die it looks like it is really dandruff. All pigs have it; it's not just your pig. Grooming can be part of your interaction with your pig everyday, they love to be groomed and they love your touch. So groom often.

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