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Should I Get My Pig Spayed or Neutered?

Learn if you should get your potbellied pig spayed or neutered in this Howcast video featuring Ross Mill Farm president Susan Magidson.


It's very important to get your pet pigs spayed or neutered for two reasons. One is because an intact female or male is not an appropriate house pet. The other reason is because of health issues. By the time a female is eight years old she will start to develop a uterine tumor or infection and that can be her demise. The same with the males, their testicles become cancerous and about 80% of the time we do see that they have these problems as they age when they're intact. When a female isn't spayed she goes into heat every three weeks and during the time that she is in heat, which is a three day period, she wants to nest and she wants to mate and both of these behaviors can cause damage to your home. She'll chase your husband around the house. It's very important that they be spayed. The little boys on the other hand they're impossible to live with. Not only do they have a musky male odor, they are trying to hump everything in the house including the dog, the children, anything; and daily, it's not just occasional, it's daily. So it's important to get your animal spayed or neutered.

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