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How to Do a Volumized Ponytail

Learn how to do a volumized ponytail from John Barrett Salon hair artist Dhiran Mistry in this Howcast video.



Hi Everybody. My name's Dhiran Mistry. and I work at the John Barrett Salon in Bergdorg Goodman. I'm here today with Andrea, and we're going to show you how to do a volumized ponytail. What I'm going to do first is tease the hair, depending on the type of hair you have and the length, you just want to give the hair a good tease from the roots, all the way around. Then, we're going to touch the hair up. When you're teasing the hair, you can take some sections through the back of the hair I would take one from down. Obviously, Andrea has a good amount of hair all ready, so I don't need to tease it to much. We're just to work more towards the front of the hair to tease it. I'm just going to take the top section, teasing from the top, all the way down. Just put the comb into the hair and press down just slowly building up some volume. Again, Andrea doesn't have thin hair, so we don't need to tease to much, so I'm just going to give it a little bit of volume at the roots. Once you've teased the top sections you just take sections on the side. They don't have to be particularly small, unless the hair is very fine, then you're going to take much thinner sections and work very, very specifically at getting volume at the root.


Once you've done one side, you're going to come around to the other side . . . Like so. Just keep teasing at the root there, just to give it a bit of [inaudible 02:04]. Okay. Once, you've teased all the way around the hair, then you want to start your ponytail. Now, we don't want this to look to perfect, so what I'm going to do is grab the hair back, pulling the sides tight but, not to much as the top because that is where you want to keep the volume. You want to bring up the bottom there so you don't have any sagging down there. Once you have your ponytail and you figured out where on the back of the head you want to place it. With younger girls I think it looks a little bit better a little bit higher up. Once you've done that you put the hook in and just put it on tight. The sides are tight on the ponytail and the top is a little bit looser. What I think I'm going to do, obviously we don't want to see this bungee or elastic that you've placed. I'm going to take a little bit of hair from underneath and wrap it around that band, so we can't see anything. This is a really good way of covering up the hair band that you've used to tie the hair. Once you've wrapped it around, just take one small bobby pin and just place it in there, just push it all the way through. There you have the pony tail, which is nicely covered. Now, when you come to the front, obviously, you might have some fly aways, but its nice to just pull them out a little bit. Make it look a bit younger, a bit more hip. Its a bit cooler, we don't want to look to, to polished. Just play with it a little bit, have a look in the mirror, see how you feel. Then, if you do have to many fly aways, just put a little bit of spray on the sides and smooth those sides down, and then we can leave the top of it messy. That's how you get a volumized ponytail.

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