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How to Do Hair for a Job Interview

Learn how to do your hair for a job interview from John Barrett Salon hair artist Dhiran Mistry in this Howcast video.


Dhiran: Hey everybody, my name is Dhiran Mistry. I work at the John Barrett Salon in Bergdorf Goodman. And I'm here today with Andrea. We're going to show you how to style your hair for a job interview. So depending on the type of interview you're going for, obviously the you know, you going to have a more corporate look or you going to have a more laid back look. Andrea is a model, so she would probably would want to wear her hair more down with a nice wave, something that's going to show off her hair. If you're going for a more corporate job, then I'm guessing that most people would want to see your face and it wouldn't be so much about the hair.

So today I'm going to show you just how to just pin the hair back very loosely, just so it's off your face. So what you'll need to achieve this look is a few bobby pins. Again you can find these anywhere in the local shops, pharmacy. Now, I want to keep the hair clean, but still have it secure. We don't want it to fall down in your face whilst your talking. So what you want to do is just take some pieces of hair, pull if back off your face, and then you're just going to take a bobby pin, open it up, slide it into the hair and just pop it in there like that. 

Now if you have a lot of hair, you might want to break this up into sections. Obviously Andrea has a very, very good amount of hair on her head, so I'm just going to take another section and just pull that back, cleanly, and pop this one right over the hair that I've already pulled back. An easier way of pinning the hair would be to maybe twist it a little bit and pop your pin into the hair and push it down like that.

Same thing on the other side. Take a section, maybe a couple of inches wide, and then pull it back. And then for Andrea, when you're doing your hair yourself you might want to use two mirrors so you can see what you're doing. So when you're doing it in a mirror, you just want to make sure that you can't see those pins. So if you want to overlap them like that, that will cover up some of the pins you've already placed in there, and then also it's like a good base to put the pins in as well.

There you have it. Off of her face. Very clean. Very simple.

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