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How to Do an Everyday Look for Curly Hair

Learn how to do a great everyday look for curly hair from John Barrett Salon hair artist Dhiran Mistry in this Howcast video.



Hi Everybody. My name's Dhiran Mistry. and I work at the John Barret Salon in Bergdorf Goodman. Today, I'm here with Kassie and we're going do a everyday look for curly hair. What you want to do is pull the hair back off your face, keep it nice and simple, you're going to use two bobby pins and hold one on either side. Just pull it back like so, twist it a little, just so its off the face. We're going to put one pin here and grab another bobby pin for the other side. Again, just pulling it very, very gently, don't mess it up to much. Very, very gently, and put the other bobby pin there, and there you have it. An everyday look with two bobby bins.


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