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Will My Child with Autism Be Able to Attend School?

Learn if your child with autism will be able to attend school from pediatrician and child development expert Asma J. Sadiq, M.D. in this Howcast video.


Children with Autism diagnosis definitely can and should go to school. After the zero to three period which is early intervention and services can be provided at home. After three years of age, the 3- to 5-year period involves preschool and can be provided in certain states by government or by the state, otherwise privately. After five kids go to kindergarten and schooling and there is an idea, which is an Individualized Developmental Disabilities Act for Free and Fair Education for All and children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum will and should get their particular needs evaluated and provided for. Now within school, we have to look at different options. High functioning children can be mainstreamed in with Shadows of Bara professionals or special education teachers helping them.

This is particularly true for kids with Asperger’s who may be high functioning but they also may continue to need occupational therapy, speech therapy, certain accommodations, etc. within the school system. Kids who are more in bed or younger children when they have many challenges may end up needing a smaller specialized class which is really catered to them because zero to three children are not socializing as much but after three, it's important to get them into center based programs and preschools where they can learn from other children, they can socialize and be in the appropriate class size. Children with autism have regulatory disorders and get sometimes over stimulated in a loud or large class setting so a small 6 is to 1 is to 1 or 6 is to 1 is to 2, there are different ratios that are there in the school system, 8 is to 1 is to 3, 12 is to 1 is to 1. There are lots of modifications and I think you do it on a gradient based on your child.

One wants to get specialized services within the class setting or individually pulled out and provided for it is important to get the opportunity to integrate them with other children as well. So whether that is during lunchtime or during certain play activities, the idea eventually is to mainstream but often there is a push to mainstream and if children aren't ready for it, it can be detrimental. So you have to make sure that your child can adjust into it, be prepared, get the individual services and continue to get individualized help and they go forward into the school system. It is wonderful how we are integrating kids and children learn in all sorts of ways. Schools are absolutely important but it is also important for the home environment to be supportive. So learning is both at school and at home and it`s important to get education going and learning for these children by also dealing with the other areas that they have difficulty with.

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