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How to Use the TEACCH Approach

Learn how to use the TEACCH approach to help a child with autism from pediatrician and child development expert Asma J. Sadiq, M.D. in this Howcast video.


TEACCH stands for treatment and education of children with autism and communication handicap conditions, hence the acronym TEACCH. This is a very structured program and has been very helpful for children with the Autism spectrum. It was developed in Chapel Hill and has been around for quite awhile. It has a program where a child uses a lot of visual supports and has the one particular play stations or work stations that they can adapt to and actually works with adaptation. So if the philosophy is not of changing somebody with autism being inferior but just being different. So it works with a different way of teaching them because they learn differently and what is interesting about the TEACCH approach is that it is very well or very easily transitioned into a classroom.

So whether you do a separate station or you do a combined area, you have things labeled, you have visual supports, you have boxes, you have every step defined so it gives a lot of visual and manipulative support for children with the spectrum who benefit from this kind of structure because it's broken down into pieces. TEACCH applies to a very structured teaching program and it is something that is very respectful of the philosophy of how children with autism learn. There have been studies which show that children have benefitted from TEACCH used both in the school environment and as well as in the home environment.

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