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Autism in Girls vs. Autism in Boys

Learn how autism in girls differs from autism in boys from pediatrician and child development expert Asma J. Sadiq, M.D. in this Howcast video.


Autism is more frequently diagnosed in boys than girls but this is true for all developmental disorders. There seems to be a higher incidence or a higher ratio of boys as is to girls. With autism the data is three to five boys get diagnosed to one girl. However, when a girl is involved, she is more impaired and that is of concern but it's just something that we know we don't understand why this happens but there seems to be a difference in the biochemistry and in the genetic makeup to that degree that the male testosterone system is more vulnerable in that sense.

So we have more developmental disabilities and definitely an increase in the diagnosis of autism as we do often increased speech delivery for example in a boy versus a girl and it's interesting that even in the unit NICU, when you have a male infant or a female infant get sick, the survival chances of the female infant is better that the male infant. So what is it about the chemistry of the makeup that is different between boys and girls? A lot of research is out there but as prevalence more boys are involved with autism than girls and more boys get impacted with autism than girls.

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