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Where to Start Photographing on Vacation

Learn where to start photographing when you're on vacation from professional photographer Luke Ballard in this Howcast video.


One of the questions I get quite often, is, is, where do I start when taking photos while I'm on vacation, like, whats the first thing I look for? It's sometimes really easy to get lost in a new environment, you see so many things going on, there's a sensory overload. You're treating your SLR like a point and click, and just holding down the button and hoping that something sticks. I tend to try and, and wind back a little bit, so when I travel, I now try and find a thing. So, it could be a color, today I'm photographing the color blue, today I'm looking for a certain shape. One of my absolute go to things, is reflections. I'm a huge fan of reflections in photography, and that's usually the first place I start, if I can find reflections, I'm generally starting to get the ball rolling, and that's inspiring my next photo, and my next photo.

Here, we have a photograph of the U.S. Capitol building, taken with the reflection just after a slight rain. Got the reflection of the capitol dome there, and their solar paneling, and that was really my theme for the day. It was a really wet day in D.C., so lots of photos I was found were able to be captured in reflections in puddles on the road, or on the street, or even shimmering off of the glass of the building nearby.

So, it doesn't need to be a reflection, it can be a color, it can be a shape, it can be anything you want, but find something that ties in your photos in together, and that's going to give you a place to start. It's going to allow you to be a lot more selective in your photos, to make sure that every photo you take is worth taking.

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