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Featuring People in Landscape Photography

Learn how to feature people in your landscape photography from professional photographer Luke Ballard in this Howcast video.


When taking a landscape photograph and incorporating people, you've got to keep in mind one thing. It needs to follow with part of the story. For the love of God, a tourist in a photograph does not a beautiful travel landscape make. 

Notice here on this photograph, we have this lovely Peruvian woman who is making those sweaters that all the tourist buy. I bought four. They are very, very comfortable, but she is part of that story. She is part of that landscape. This was in the Colca Canyon region just outside Arequipa in Peru. If that was, say, a tourist or a bus driver or someone who didn't fit with that landscape, the photo would have a lot less impact and be a lot less powerful.

People in a landscape photograph can't be a punctuation mark. They need to be either the subject of the story or interacting with the story itself. That's how you use people in a landscape photograph.

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