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How to Take Shots for a Photo Series

Learn how to capture multiple moments for a photo series from professional photographer Luke Ballard in this Howcast video.


One of the greatest functions on your camera is the continuous shoot. By switching it to continuous shoot rather than thinking about every image, you can hold down your shutter and take multiple exposures.

Doing this sometimes allows us to create a bit of a story in our photos. You've all seen it, just that moment when someone slips over, someone falls over, something happens. By staying on continuous shoot, you're actually getting more photos that you can actually work in to be one complete story. If we have a look at this event here, this was taken in Brazil two years ago at Carnivale. I happened to be walking by just as the float threw a bucket of water onto these two young ladies.

I caught the water just hitting. You can see the actual water droplets just as they're starting to connect with the girls, followed by the shriek when they decided that, yeah, it was a bit cold. Now let's try and turn away from the water. And finally the, "Hey, we're still in Brazil, and we're still pretty," photograph at the end of the series.

By using continuous mode, that can happen with your son scoring a goal in a soccer game, or your daughter executing a ballet move in the school concert. Creating that series and having that continuous shoot mode is going to give you a lot more memories to remember forever.

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