How to Say "You're Welcome" in Greek

Learn how to say "you're welcome" in Greek with this Howcast video.


How to say you're welcome in Greek. You're welcome. Tee-po-ta. You're welcome. Tee-po-ta. Now, you try. That was a direct translation for nothing. You might also want to say, be well. Na-se ka-la. You're welcome. Na-se ka-la. Now, you try. Another option is pa-ra-ka-lo. You're welcome. Pa-ra-ka-lo. Now, you try. You can also say my pleasure. Ef-xa-ree-stee mou. My pleasure. Ef-xa-ree-stee mou. Now, you try. Perhaps, you want to say, it's nothing. Den ka-nee tee-po-ta. It's nothing. Den ka-nee tee-po-ta. Now, you try. Den ka-nee tee-po-ta is usually used as slang and has a direct translation that means he does nothing. You can also say, anytime. Den tre-xee tee-po-ta. Anytime. Den tre-xee tee-po-ta. Now, you try. The direct translation for den tre-xee tee-po-ta is nothing is running. You can also say, o-po-te gou-sta-rees. Anytime. O-po-te gou-sta-rees. Anytime. Now, you try. And that's how to say you're welcome in Greek.

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